I’ve known for years that my love for dairy is not mutual. I get just about every symptom of lactose intolerance and gut irritation when I eat cow dairy. This is a sad story because I have a strong love for cheese and greek yogurt. BUT all hope is not lost! After trial and error and several food sensitivity panels, I learned that I tolerate goat dairy very well! Thankfully I also really enjoy the tanginess that goat dairy offers.

A few reasons that goat dairy may be a better alternative for you too!

1) Goats are not cows. I know that’s obvious, but because of this fact, their dairy contains different and smaller proteins and fats, which are easier to digest. It’s also lower in lactose (milk sugars) compared to cow dairy. 
2) It’s real dairy and can work well as a substitute for cow dairy in recipes, unlike nut milks that don’t always translate well. 
3) It’s a good source of protein, not derived from animal flesh. Therefore, if you’re a vegetarian, this can be a nice addition to your diet. 1 cup provides about 9 g protein.
4) The minerals (zinc, calcium, and selenium, among others) in goat dairy are more bioavailable for absorption, so a small amount goes a long way. 
5) Goat dairy can help increase good cholesterol AND lower the harmful kind.
6) Goat yogurt and kefir are cultured and full of gut healing probiotics (healthy bacteria) that have countless benefits for overall health such as: weight management, GI health, improved mood, cognitive function, immune system modulation, etc.

If you haven’t tried goat dairy before, I urge you to give it a chance! Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do 🙂